24 Sep 2013

How to Fix Error 3194 when Restoring or Updating Jailbroken iDevice

Error 3194 is a common iTunes error, we normally encounter it during restoring or upgrading the iDevices. I’ve try a lot of solution on the internet but none of them works. (at least of me). After further
11 Sep 2013

How to View Folder Size in Windows 8

There are times when you want to sort your folders by size. Unfortunately in Windows, the file explorer only allow users to organize file by sizes, not folder. You can’t view the folder size in the size
27 Jul 2013

How to Download the Whole YouTube Playlist at Once

Normally, when we want to download all the videos on the YouTube Playlist, we usually have to click on the video each and download it one by one. Even with the help of video downloader, it still
25 Mar 2013

Four Photoshop Plug-ins That Will Make Your Web Development Easy

We all know that Photoshop is a powerful tool for designers and developers. It specially helps web and app designers to create an appealing GUI. However, web developers have to code the design in CSS after the
19 Mar 2013

How to make money with your blog?

A large number of people around the world are turning to unconventional methods to make money on a daily basis. Such ‘supplementary’ jobs are plenty available on the internet. But like 80% of the world’s population, you
18 Mar 2013

How to Get Your Own Free @email.com Email Account

We all know that Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s own email service Outlook.com (formerly hotmail.com) has been dominated the webmail industry. (sorry Yahoo!) So you probably get used to the old gmail.com and hotmail.com email suffix. If you want a custom email
14 Mar 2013

Top 5 Innovative Technology on Future Mobile Phone Accessories

You will definitely be amazed at the level of creativity and practicality that is being put into the development of mobile phone accessories. Developers, designers and other interested parties are spending sleepless nights to come up with
12 Mar 2013

How to Fix Your WordPress Thumbnail/Feature Image Size

Not every WordPress theme has the same feature image size, some comes with 150×150, while others maybe 300×300. Depending on your theme, some might not have a fixed dimension for feature image. Therefore you can put in any
11 Mar 2013

Top 5 Reliable Smartphone Apps to Commute Better

Commuting between your office and home can be one of the most challenging tasks of the day. Especially with the fuel prices hiked and huge traffic jams, you definitely need some help to reach your desired destination
10 Mar 2013

Useful Chrome and Firefox Plugin which Clean Browser Cache with One Click

Sometimes when your browser misbehave, clearing cache mostly work pretty well. This is also why web designer and developer deal a lot with cache. For example, if you update the website CSS, the browser cache needs to be empty